Caring for Your Fig

Congratulations on your new fig! Here are some common questions that we often get from new fig owners.

Can Figs Grow in Montana?

Yes and No. Our climate during the summer months is fantastic for figs. They will thrive on a sunny patio or in a hoop house for heavier fruit production. Chicago Hardy figs in particular are hardy down to 10*. Montana gets a bit colder than that, so you will need to bring them in!  They do great with our cool summer nights.

Can Figs Go Into Dormancy?

Yes. When stored at a consistent temperature of 40* in a garage or shed, figs will go dormant. Water sparingly during this time.


Will They Fruit? Do They Need a Wasp? 

Yes they will fruit. No, the varieties we carry do not need a wasp.

Should I Repot My Fig?

Yes, figs are sold in a 1 gallon pot and will need to be potted up to a 5-10 g pot.

What type of Potting Soil?

Focus on a mix that contains perlite and peat moss for proper Drainage.

Should I Fertilize My Tree?

Yes, a basic fruit tree fertilizer works great!

Sunlight Needs

Direct sun is needed for at least 8 hrs a day.

Controlling Pests

Fig trees can be susceptible to spider mites. Spray with diluted Neem oil or diluted mineral oil weekly to help prevent this.

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